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What is an Indie Film?

Indie Films – A Little History Indie films, which is short for Independent, were created in order to challenge the Hollywood monopoly in the industry. These movies are different from mainstream ones by their style, themes, aesthetic, and artistic techniques picked by the director for expressing their vision. How and When Did Indie Films Come into Existence? Thomas Edison, the creator of the Kinetoscope, considered himself the right holder of all cinema technology, that is why in 1908 the police … Continue reading “What is an Indie Film?”

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How to Make a Movie

This is a brief guide for those who want to make a film but don’t know where to start and how to proceed. It’s important to stress that the guide isn’t meant to be a detailed or comprehensive instruction. It’s more like the contents page in a book. The book itself is yours to write. Writing a Script The first thing to do is to create a story and write it down. But writing a script involves more than thinking … Continue reading “How to Make a Movie”