What is an Indie Film?


Indie Films – A Little History

Indie films, which is short for Independent, were created in order to challenge the Hollywood monopoly in the industry. These movies are different from mainstream ones by their style, themes, aesthetic, and artistic techniques picked by the director for expressing their vision.

How and When Did Indie Films Come into Existence?

Thomas Edison, the creator of the Kinetoscope, considered himself the right holder of all cinema technology, that is why in 1908 the police shut down the majority of movie theatres in America, it was prohibited to show anything that was against the copyright law. Some movie sets were relocated to the west coast because of these rules, forming Hollywood as we know it today.

Even though later on the ban was lifted, the cinema was owned by several corporations, such as MGM, Paramount Pictures, RKO, Warner Bros, and 20th Century Fox. In 1919, due to the strict regulations, prominent figures in American silent movie led by Charlie Chaplin created the movement called United Artists. This became the first independent studio in the United States.

Which Indie Films Are Influenced by Popular Culture?

Although the main point of indie films is to escape from the pressure of monopolists who put too much pressure on the creator, it is impossible to avoid the influence of mainstream media altogether. Some of them even managed to win over a large audience and, moreover, to become iconic.

Movie buffs reference Quentin Tarantino’s Pulp Fiction, which became the first indie film to break the $100 million mark, all the time; one of the key factors to the film’s popularity is the fact that the director employed multiple well-known clichés by putting a unique and special twist to it.

Great Indie Movies

List of Some Great Indie Movies

We have compiled a list of indie movies that will definitely catch your eye.

  • Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind (2004)

This is a heartbreaking story about two lovers who decide two end their relationship by the most drastic method: they erase every memory of one another.

  • Little Miss Sunshine (2006)

The movie that was warmly received by the audiences of the most prominent film festivals will certainly cheer you up after a long day. This weird family will go through the whole country so that their youngest can take part in a beauty pageant. Although they all want her to succeed, they have to work out through their own issues as well.

  • Lost In Translation (2003)

This film tells us about a couple who meet each other in a foreign country. They are extremely different and this is an unlikely pairing but fate brings them together.

  • Parasite (2019)

As the film progresses, we are witnessing the corrupted system that forces the main characters to adapt and to do whatever it takes in order to survive in a capitalist society.

Cinema History & The Rise of Indie Films

Today, big cinema corporations have created affiliated companies trying to take advantage from the ever-growing interest to independent films. These organizations are aimed at managing content of such films, which brings more attention to indie movies. Nowadays some indie movies, such as Life of Pi, Moonlight, and many more are given the Academy Awards.

Indie Films

Indie Films Go Ultra Creative!

Oftentimes indie movies employ original stories rather than adapting novels or remaking old films, which makes for compelling and heartfelt stories. This contributes to cinematography as a whole.

What Is an Indie Film?

An independent movie is created without any help of big corporations, it generally does not have a large budget, and not targeted towards huge crowds.

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